International English Teacher Training


The International English Teacher Training program is
a 15-week, 6 course college certificate program that
provides practical classroom skills for English as a Second
language teachers.


Course List

TSL-1013: Teaching Skills
The objective of the teaching skills course is for students to learn effective strategies for developing accuracy and fluency for ESL learners. By examining a variety of concepts in the four key areas of language teaching: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing, students will be able to develop pragmatic and engaging lessons for the classroom. This course will interactively explore how to integrate these skills to build motivating lessons through assessing materials for the classroom and demonstrating the ability to create learning environments in all areas of lesson planning.

TSL-1023: Assessment and Evaluation
Discover innovative and creative evaluation tools to measure the success of your English language learners! Students of this course will determine how to effectively use evaluation tools such as rubrics, online tools, formative assessments and error corrections in order to give valuable feedback to ESL students. By the end of the course, students will have produced a professional teaching portfolio of evaluations and assessments.

TSL-1033: Methodology and Planning
Methodology and Planning focuses on the foundations for teaching English as a Second Language. The course is designed for students to acquire and implement modern theories of language teaching and learning, to classroom lesson plans. Students will explore a multitude of lesson designs based on strong objectives and apply this learning by demonstrating these skills. Upon completion of the course, students will have a clear teaching philosophy and a solid foundation to enhance any classroom environment.

TSL-1043: Classroom Management
This course will explore a variety of classroom management techniques that will enable the student to create a classroom conducive to learning. Students will examine the effects of seating arrangements, routine instructions, and classroom organization that allow for a better learning environment. Through a reflection writing piece, and a classroom case study, students will be able to apply learned strategies for creating an inclusive and well-managed educational setting.

EDG-1062: Media for Teaching
In this course students will review instructional media including social media, websites, films, podcasts, and other media instruments. Students will apply criteria for evaluating the specific media used in their current or intended educational environment. Students will build a portfolio of media and provide a rationale for their inclusion as well as a plan for implementation and use.

PRA-2001: Practicum
Students are required to complete a supervised practicum near the end of the term. Trainees are assigned hours for ESL observation. For the final section of the practicum, the learner gradually takes on more classroom teaching responsibilities, and then creates a one hour lesson plan to carry out in the classroom for the level assigned.